Government’s Priority,Peace Process and Implementation of Constitution: PM Dahal

  September 8, 2016 By: INSEC

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal while addressing parliament on September 8 said that his government first priority is to resume remaining work of peace process and implementation of constitution.

He announced the priority of the government while addressing the parliament for the first time after being elected as a prime minister for the second time. Along with that he prioritized the government on the post-quake reconstruction acceleration, good governance and maintaining social justice, acceleration in building of physical infrastructure, civilian access on health, drinking water and education, creating employment and poverty elevation.

Prime minister assured of providing up to Rs 800,000 package to the earthquake victims. He said that providing first installment of relief has been speeding and 319,000 victims have already received relief.

He added that the government has initiated to take action against those involved in black marketing, price hike and fraud. In all seven provinces consumer court will be established, he added.

Dahal said that daily necessity consumption foods will be provided to the remote parts of the country and will be stocked for easy accessibility.

He said that the work for the implementation of constitution and conducting election are speeding.

Prime minister assured the parliament that election of all levels will be conducted until January 21, 2018 and asked all party to create and involve in a favorable environment despite of political interest.


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