Government of Madhes Province Provides Relief to the Martyrs’ Families

  March 28, 2022 By: INSEC

On March 27, the Government of Madhes Province provided a relief of NPR. 100,000 to the family of the ‘Martyr’ of the Armed Conflict Period.

In a program organized by Madhesi Martyrs Foundation in the assembly hall of Madhes Bhawan in Janakpurdham, former Minister Matrika Prasad Yadav handed over the cheque of NPR 100,000 to those families.

Minister for Internal Affairs of Madhes Province Bharat Prasad Sah informed that the government has now made a law to provide 90 percent discount to the families of the then conflict martyrs by making identity cards. He further added, that the province government would pay special attention to those injured and disabled in the conflict.

One hundred and five families were provided NPR. 100,000 each and were also felicitated.

The Madhes province government has decided to provide NPR 300,000 to each martyr’s family of the conflict period.

Dipendra Prasad Singh