Government Demands to Solve Flight-related Issues in Karnali

  October 19, 2022 By: INSEC

A team led by Naresh Bandhari, former Minister of Internal Affairs and Law, Karnali Province, in a meeting with Jeevan Ram Shrestha, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, demanded the government to solve flight-related issues in Karnali.

The team further requested Minister Shrestha to arrange a meeting with private sector service provider companies in relation to the regularization of flights.

Certain districts of Karnali; Mugu, Humla, Jumla, and Kalikot are in a state of blockage due to recent heavy rainfall and are in a state of disconnection. Former Minister Bhandari complained that the people of Karnali have to suffer more during such a situation due to the non-regularity of flights.

According to Bhandari, “We have demanded the government to resolve the existing problem of flights in Karnali. We have submitted a memorandum regarding the addition of small air crafts.” He added, “ Minister assured us that he could call a meeting with private companies, along with that, the Minister also shared the upcoming plan to purchase two air-crafts.”

The Ministry of Home Affairs had recently instructed the Chief District Officers of the respective districts to resume the operation of road, electricity, and telephone services which had halted because of the heavy rainfall.

Prabha Kumari Rawat