Government been Accused of Not Initiating to Save Ganga Maya’s Life

  September 12, 2016 By: INSEC

The Human Rights Activists of the district have accused government of not inititiating to save Ganga Maya’s life who has been staging hunger strike since one month seeking for the justice over the murder of her son during conflict era.

Speaking at the program organized by Prime Minister and cabinet ministry office in Gorkha on September 12, activists Sthaneshwor Duwadi accused government of not initiating to save her life.

Ganga Maya’s husband Nanda Prasad died while staging a hunger strike seeking a justice over the murderer of his son. His dead body is still in TU hospital. He further accused government of not being able to make an environment to perform his final rites.

Lok Hari Basyal, vice-secretary of the ministry cabinet said that the demand made by Adhilari family cannot be answered from his level and said that it needs political level discussion.

During the program, issues regarding Human Rights situation of the district and gender violence were discussed. Speaking at the program CDO Narayan Prasad Bhatta said that a proper coordination among the all party in society is essential to minimize gender violence and violation of Human Rights.


Hari Ram Uprety