Public in Crisis Due to Lack of Subsidized Food

  October 10, 2021 By: INSEC

General Public has been facing a crisis due to the lack of subsidized food, which used to be distributed by Food Management and Trading Company Ltd. Due to insufficient food at the company’s branch and storage at Dolpa, citizens are compelled to buy food items at higher prices.

Rajimaan Sarki from Tripurasundari Municipality-1 informed that the locals are facing a crisis since the selling price of food has hiked up due to the rainy season and shortage of subsidized food in the market.

Similarly, Karma Gurung from Charkatanseng Rural Municipality – 4 said that, due to the hurdle created by COVID-19 in transportation last fiscal year, the locals had to pay thrice the price to buy food items at Upper Dolpa.

They said, ‘We haven’t received the subsidized food since last year. We are paying 16,000 for the rice which used to be available at 5000 per quintal.’

According to the Food Management and Trading Company LTD, 18000 quintal rice has been sold for the district last fiscal year.

Chief of Limited, Dolpa, Kamal Raj Pandey informed that 250 quintals of rice are available at both branches and 409 quintals of rice is available in the Juphal godown at present.

Mr. Pandey said that the rice has been kept to distribute to the poor family in the rural settlements and flood/landslide victims during the time of emergency.

According to him, 350 quintals rice for the mid-Dolpa, Kaike Rural Municipality, 1150 quintals for Tripurasundari Municipality, Tripurakot, 221 quintals for Liku and 221 quintals for lah Phulching has been delivered to the concerned Municipality under the ‘Food for work’ program.

However, citizens at upper Dolpa are still facing a food shortage, said the Chief, Pandey.

Namuna Transport Service of Chet Bahadur Shahi and Bisi Transport Service of Janak Budha has been selected for the food transportation in the tender opened by Food Management and Trading Company Limited, Nepalgunj and Surkhet.

Chief of the Company, Pandey stated that it is being delayed due to the incomplete process of tender and the food will be delivered after the completion of this process swiftly.

Bishnu Prasad Devkota