Gangamaya begins fast-on-to death strike

  May 29, 2018 By: INSEC

Ganga Maya Adhikari ,62 of Phujelhas begin her fast-un-to death strike from the day the country is celebrating a Republican day.

Ganga Maya is struggling for the justice since 14 years demanding the action against murderer of her 17 years son Krishna Prasad Adhikari . From the last few years she was just taking liquefied food and from May 29 she has informed that she will be in fast-on-to death.

She is kept in Bir Hospital since long time under the government supervision and she said that she will start her hunger strike from the hospital bed after the government is not showing any interest on delivering her justice. She showed her anger to the judiciary system after failing to provide her justice.

She has even challenged government to hang her if it could not provide justice. Her husband Nanda Prasad Adhikari died in a process of hunger strike demanding the justice. While speaking with the media personnel ,Ganga maya became hysteric and warned to self immolate if the justice is not delivered.

In 2004 June 6, Krishna Prasad Adhikari,17 was killed after the abduction by the former Maoist cadres. The dead body of Nanda Prasad who died during the process of fast-on-to death still remains in Teaching Hospital.


Shubhash Shah