Free Health Camp For Earthquake Victims Under INSEC’s  Initiative

  November 7, 2023 By: INSEC

INSEC’s Karnali Provincial Office successfully executed free health camps in three rural municipalities within Barekot Rural Municipality-1, Jajarkot on November 6.

Narayan Subedi, the Karnali Province Coordinator of INSEC, reported that approximately 400 individuals from Bayalgaun, Sinakot, and Silpachaur in Barekot Rural Municipality-1 received essential health services during the health camp. He said that the victims were also provided with  psycho-social counseling services in the health camp.

Dr. Roshni Nepali, a member of the Divine Youth Club under the Shri Radha Madhav Committee Nepal, along with the team consisting of Public Health Inspector Sarmila Subedi, Senior ANM Inspector Narayani Shah, Lab Technician Sanu Upadhyaya, Psychologist Pushpa Rauniyar, and Chanda Shrestha from the Women’s Single Women’s Group for Human Rights, collaborated to provide health services in coordination with INSEC.

Dr. Nepali reported that the health camp extended its services to pregnant women, women in labor, senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, those injured during the earthquake, and children in need of medical assistance.

Earthquake with its epicenter in Barekot Rural Municipality-1, specifically in Ramidanda of Jajarkot district, occurred on the night of November 3.

Bir Bahadur Giri, the Chairperson of Barekot Rural Municipality, expressed his gratitude to INSEC and the dedicated team of health workers for organizing the health camp in the rural municipality, which was at the epicenter of the recent earthquake.

Due to the recurring aftershocks following the earthquakes, local residents are remaining outdoors, as they continue to experience fear and uncertainty.

Dumbar Bahadur Singh, the leader of Barekot Rural Municipality-5, conveyed that relief materials are currently centralized at the headquarters.Limsa Basic Hospital was also damaged due to the earthquake.

Gopal Singh, a local resident, reported that due to the damage the hospital is providing the medical services through a temporary tent set up.The earthquake has caused extensive destruction, including the collapse of school buildings, widespread damage to people’s homes in the village, and the unfortunate loss of animals and pets.

In Nalgad Rural Municipality of Jajarkot, the lack of regular disposal of deceased animals has led to an unpleasant odor permeating the village. The recurrent aftershocks have also left the local residents living in constant fear. Despite the arrival of enough relief materials from various agencies to aid the earthquake victims in the district, there remain challenges in reaching these resources to the remote and affected areas.

The health camp for earthquake victims was carried out in collaboration with INSEC, with the participation of key individuals including Jajarkot District Hospital Chief Pratiksha Bharti, Information Officer Krishna Khatri, and Barekot Rural Municipality Chairperson Bir Bahadur Giri.

Basudev Sharma