Four Women Rescued From Being Trafficked

  September 5, 2016 By: INSEC

Police have rescued four women from Krishnanagar on September 4 who were being trafficked to Kirgisthan  through Krishnanagar check-post via Delhi. Police said that women aged between 20 to 30 from Gorkha and Rupendehi were rescued.

Police have increased their watch at Krishnanagar check-post as human trafficker have been using this point for trafficking duping of foreign employment in India.

The peace re establishment home and Area police Office of Krishnanagar have jointly rescued women who were being attempted to traffick in India luring them of job in Kirgisthan.

The staffs from peace re establishment home had stopped them after those women said that they were being taken to Kirgisthan for foreign employment.

In the financial year 2025/16, at least 40 to 45 women have been rescued from the check point of Krishnanagar of Kapilvastu according to coordinator Bhumi Raj Bhattarai of  Peace re establishment home.

Nanda Ram Paudel