FM Journalists Protest For Not Getting Salary on Time

  June 20, 2022 By: INSEC

Journalists have started a series of protest on June 20 after not receiving remuneration for their work. Journalists have been protesting saying that Radio New Nepal 98.2 MHz operated in Aathbiskot Municipality has not been paid for their work.

The six journalists have claimed that they have not been paid for the last two years. The unpaid journalists are Hira Pariyar, Satya Bahadur Batala, Sunil BK, Prakash Gautam, Kalpana BK and Sita Shahi.

Journalist Hira Pariyar informed that the board of directors of the radio did not show any interest in arranging payment for the work they were given. He said that the radio station has to pay one million rupees for the work of six people. Journalists who have been demanding remuneration have been protesting demanding four points.

Demands have been made that immediate remuneration should be provided, remuneration should be provided as per the Working Journalism Act, employees who have completed the probationary period should be made permanent and they should not be fired for speaking for rights, keeping reservation positions, giving unnecessary stress and forcing them to resign should be stopped immediately.

According to journalist Satya Bahadur Batala, they had to protest after their demands for remuneration were not heard. It is alleged that the journalists have requested the Board of Directors to provide remuneration. The Rukum branch of the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) issued a statement condemning on June 22 objecting to the non-payment of salaries to journalists. The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) has requested to provide immediate remuneration to the journalists.

Manisha KC