Flood Swipes the Wooden Bridge Connecting Patients to Health Post

  October 29, 2022 By: INSEC

Due to the flood in Kankasundari Rural Municipality-4 Hatsinja, the patients are facing problem in getting services. After the bridge leading to the health centre over the Hima river was swept away by the flood, the beneficiaries were affected. Due to the increased flow of water in the river, it is not possible to re-build a bridge.

The beneficiaries have complained that they have not been able to get the health services since the mid-week of October. Chairperson of their ward, Dhanmansingh Hamal informed that public relations with government offices were cut off after the flood washed away the bridge. Seven government offices have been built on the land in the middle of the river.

Due to continuous rain from October 5 to 9, the wooden bridge leading to the offices was swiped. Chairperson Hamal said, ‘People’s representatives, employees, and beneficiaries are deprived of services because they are unable to go. We will start the construction of the bridge soon, says Hamal.

Hatsinja health post, Ward No. 4 ward office, Hatsinja basic school, eye treatment centre, local animal service office, agricultural office are built on the island. There is a danger that all the offices may be washed away if there is a recurrence of floods like the current one.

For now, temporary offices have been opened in the village to provide immediate services. Birendra Prasad Upadhyay, in-charge of Hatsinja health post, said that there is a situation where patients cannot be taken even to the health post. He said, “Tools, equipment and medicine needed for treatment are at the health post.” There is no way to cross the river. The house of Manprasad Acharya’s, a local, is being temporarily opened as a health post and the service is being provided.

As the bridge was washed away, it is not possible to go to the government office. Damodar Prasad Acharya informed that NPR 40,000 have been provided to make a boat to float in the river immediately. He said, the flood has created chaos. Now it will take time to return to normal.

Chairperson Acharya said that they have been instructed to provide service by opening temporary office.

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Mandatta Rawal