Flood In School Compelled Students To Study in Open Square

  May 30, 2023 By: INSEC

Students of Janaprakash Medium School, Tajakot, Rural Municipality-1 Kadhagaun, are forced to study in an open square, due to damage caused by the flood after heavy rainfall-induced flood, from May 22 to May 26, 2023.

The Principal, Dalpati Khadka, stated that students had to sit on the school ground and study since the room became muddy due to the flood.

Bisukala Budha, a class 10 student complained that six rooms were affected by the flood. According to her, they only attend school on days it does not rain.

Principal Khadka said desks and benches in the classroom had to be taken out. The classroom groups are flooded whenever it rains. This is because of the muddy debris from the landslides induced by rain.

The school does not have enough budget to mitigate the effects of the landslide. The Rural Municipality, Tanjakot, said that the problem cannot be solved immediately.

Rajendra Syanku, the Chief Administrative Officer of Tanjakot Rural Municipality, explained that due to the dangerous geographical area above the school,  the landslide can not be controlled immediately. Syanku stated that the rural municipality’s budget is insufficient and that they have already urged the provincial government to address this issue.

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Nanda Singh