First Same-sex Marriage Registered in Bardiya

  February 15, 2024 By: Shreya Parajuli

Bardiya registered its first homosexual marriage. Anju Devi Shrestha (Dipti), 33 of Badaiyatal Rural Municipality-2 and 33-year-old Supita Gurung of Kohalpur Municipality-5 legally obtained their marriage registration certificate on February 11, 2024.

They applied for their marriage registration at the ward office on 18 January. Ward Chairperson Diladev Giri said that the registration department was asked for the necessary instructions regarding the registration.

Regarding this, member of Constituent Assembly Sunil Babu Panta presented the Supreme Court’s order on June 27, the department’s letter, and the first same-sex marriage certificate issued by Maya Gurung and Surendra Pandey of Dordi Rural Municipality, Lamjung.

Chairperson Giri said that  a temporary marriage registration certificate was provided according to the order of the court. As per the order of the Supreme Court, a temporary marriage certificate has been issued for Queer community. He added, although obtaining recognition for temporary marriage registration, it is necessary to enact laws to obtain recognition for permanent marriage registration.

Dipak Nepali, Ward Secretary  and Registrar of  ward no. 2 informed that the marriage was registered according to the order given by the technical branch of the Department of National Id and Registration. The marital rights of queer couples have been secured through the legal recognition of the marriage registration as received by Dipti and Supritha.

Prakash Poudel