Financial Difficulties at Orphanage Led Children to Face to Educational Challenges

  May 29, 2024 By: INSEC

Twelve children at JTAM Orphanage Child Home, Khatyad Rural Municipality-3 which was established in 2014,  have been facing problems regarding their education due to lack of financial resources. Article 31 of the Constitution of Nepal provides the right to education and the Sub article 1 under the same Article states that every citizen shall have the right of access to basic education.  However, the lack of financial resources in the Child’s Home has created problems in the education of the children.


At present, the orphanage child home is holding 12 children aged from eight to 17 and they are studying in class 1 to class 10. Among them nine are male and three are female students. Ammaraj Baniya, a local, established the orphanage child home for helpless and orphaned children in the district. Baniya explained that the child’s home relies on donations and currently they are struggling to provide education, basic sustenance, and healthcare to the children as they lack financial support. He further stated that managing education expenses is tough and it is hard for them to operate the child’s home smoothly. If they can’t keep going, the children will be deprived of education and face even more difficulties.


Dipesh Karki of Soru Rural Municipality-8 Kachche lost his mother in his childhood. His father subsequently brought him to the child’s home after the financial condition of the family was weak. Dipesh did not get his father’s love after the demise of his mother at a young age. He expressed that his father also passed away within a few years of staying at the Child’s home. Dipesh is preparing for his SEE examination currently. Similarly, 11 other children are living in this child’s home for various reasons.


Bijay Karki, Dipesh Karki, and Rupesh Kami are studying in class 10. Similarly, Prakash Thapa, Manisha Rawal, and Jana Lawad are studying in class nine, Rajesh Malla is studying in class eight, Darindra Sarki and Rajendra Lawad are in class six, Gaurav Bhiyal in class five, Dipesh Bhandari and Nisha Baniya are studying in class three. These children have expressed concerns that they will lose access to education if the child’s home stops operating.


Khatyad Rural Municipality provided a budget of Rs 750,000 for the construction of the child home building four years ago. Sarita Rokaya, the Vice Chairperson of Khatyad Rural Municipality, informed that the child home has not received financial support from the Municipality recently. However, she mentioned that if the child home submits a proper request for assistance in this year’s budget, the Municipality can make some arrangements to help.


Sarjan Kumar Shahi