Family Takes Shelter in Mothers Group Building After Landslide Destroyed Their Home

  October 12, 2023 By: INSEC

The family of 46-year-old Sher Bahadur Damai of Mangala Rural Municipality-3 Baranja Ghamtang with eight members is living in the building of the mothers group after their  house was swept away by a landslide.The family of Sher Bahadur was in trouble when their house was buried due to rain and landslide on October 3.

While Sher Bahadur’s 14-year-old son, Bibek, was studying on the second floor of their house at around 9 pm, a large stone was about to enter the house from a hill slope situated above the house .Sher Bahadur explained that the entire family quickly escaped toward a safe location.

A massive stone, larger than their house, rolled down from the hill and pressed the house. Although they survived the landslide, they could not save anything except the clothes they were wearing. Kumari Chantyal, a local resident, said that the local residents tried to see if they could find anything. However, the huge stone had caused a blockage, preventing them from finding things.

Mankumari said that when everyone was escaping and reached about 20 meters away from the house, a massive stone from the hill above the house destroyed the cow shed along with other property inside the house. She said that the cattle in the shed were also killed during the damage due to the landslide.

Sherbahadur said that his elder son is living abroad and expressed his concern about where to accommodate his two sons, two daughters-in-law, and grandson. He explained that all their food, dishes, and clothes were buried in the landslide, and now they have no idea about what to eat or what to do.Two ducks and some goats kept near the house were saved, except for anything else. Sher Bahadur expressed tha his cooking utensils, plates and bowls were crushed and he had come to stay in the building of the mother’s group.

Yam Bahadur Roka, Ward Chairperson of Mangala Rural Municipality-3, stated that the local level has not made any decision about where to accommodate the family who are currently taking shelter in the mothers group building.

Amrit Prasad Poudel