Family of Victim Appeals INSEC for Treatment Initiative

  June 17, 2024 By: INSEC

Prabin Chaudhary, 22 of Shambhunath Municipality-7 Bhagwatpur has been tied up with iron chains at home due to a lack of medical expenses. Ishwari Devi, Prabin’s mother, stated that Chaudhary, who has a mental disability, was taken to the hospital for treatment. However, they couldn’t continue the treatment due to their inability to pay.

Ishwari Devi stated that she had been forced to keep their son chained for five years because he would go to the village and cause trouble, as well as injure himself. She added that when Prabin was 17 years old, he developed a mental disability, and their eldest son, Rabin, also disappeared. Their younger son, Santosh, has been working as a wage laborer in Kathmandu since childhood.

After the father, Parshuram Chaudhary, died on April 8, 2021, after his son became mentally disabled and his eldest son got disappeared, Ishwari faced one trouble after another. Additionally, she has been struggling to run the household since Parashuram’s death.

Ishwari takes care of Prabin, bathes him, changes his clothes, and feeds him. Ishwari mentioned that it is difficult for her as she cannot leave him and go to work. She said that once when Ishwari opened Prabin’s chain out of love, he ran away and injured a local person by hitting him with a stick. As a result, he had to be tied up again for 24 hours.

She expressed her sadness about having to keep her child tied up like an animal. Ishwari stated that she had no choice but to keep her son tied up. Even animals are let loose from time to time for grazing, but Prabin cannot be released. Additionally, there is a makeshift shelter made of three poles in the name of their property. Ishwari has taken a loan from a savings cooperative organization by mortgaging the same piece of land.

Hoping that her son’s disability could have been cured with medical treatment, Ishwari has asked the INSEC representative to initiate help for his treatment. She expressed that everyone suggests she take Prabin to a good hospital, but she doesn’t have the money.

Manohar Kumar Pokharel