Family Displaced by Conflict Continue to Awaits Justice

  December 21, 2023 By: INSEC

Bimala Silwal, 49, from Jugal Rural Municipality-1, Selang, who was displaced due to the armed conflict, has been residing in Chautara with her family of three. Her family, including her  husband Purna Bahadur Silwal, was displaced from the village on June 8, 2002, after failing to provide donations as requested by the rebels at that time. They started living in Chautara, Headquarters after their displacement.

The family of Purna Bahadur Silwal, leading a modest life in the village while raising their family, faced eviction by the Maoists. To ensure their safety, they reached the headquarters at that time. Bimala encountered numerous challenges in raising and educating her children after the death of her husband in July 2005. He suffered from mental illness due to repeated threats by the then rebel Maoists.

Bimala went through a tough time, losing her husband, being displaced, taking care of her children, managing room rent, and more. The sadness she felt during those times made her feel isolated, and those painful memories are still vivid for her.

Now that there is peace in the country, the former rebel side is now part of the government. Despite various campaigns by different governments to provide relief to conflict victims, she expressed dissatisfaction, stating that she has not received any assistance or facilities to date. During a conversation with an INSEC representative, she affirmed that she will not return to the village until justice is provided.

Natibabu Dhital