Facilities provided to Staffs and local representatives to be stopped if Chaupadi practice is followed

  September 27, 2018 By: INSEC

The Tila Rural Municipality of Jumla district has decided to stop facilities and services provided to the local representatives and staffs if they are found to be following the Chaupadi Practices. The Rural Municipality has decided it during the meeting held on September 26 in chairmanship of Ratan Nath Yogi, chair of Tila Rural Municipality.

Chauupadi practices and untouchability has been made more strict along with the announcement of Chaupadi-free area. Rawatwada, Jogiwada and Dhimkot under the Tila Rural Muniipality has already been declared as Chaupadi-free village.

Vice chair Bishnu Maya Buda of the Rural Municipality said that the campaign is being made stronger internally and such practices are being de- motivated.

She added that such restriction to stop services and facilities to those who support Chaupadi can make the campaign more strong. The Rural Municipality will be operating various program for women empowerment to eradicate such ill practices.


Man Datta Rawal