Everybody Needs to Unite to Prepare for the Third Wave of the Pandemic

  September 25, 2021 By: INSEC

Participants of a program have stressed uniting to prepare for the possibility of the third wave of COVID-19.

The issue was emphasized in an interaction program on the Contemporary Status and Challenges in Protection of Front Line Human Rights Defenders During COVID-19 Pandemic organized by INSEC, National Human Rights Commission, Nepalgunj, DCA, and CISU.

Shivaram Gelal, Chief District Officer of the District Administration Office, said it was necessary for all to unite for the preparation as there was a possibility of the third wave of COVID-19. He urged everyone to adopt health protocols and inform them about the weaknesses of the district administration.

Uma Thapa Magar, Deputy Mayor of Nepalgunj Metropolitan City, said that the work has been taken forward in the second phase after correcting the shortcomings of the initial phase.

Mayor Magar said health workers were going through problems with the COVID insurance and risk allowances, and initiatives were being taken to address them. He said that the construction of a holding centre with a capacity of 2,000 beds has been taken forward to accommodate the citizens who have come to Nepal from India.

Chief of the National Human Rights Commission, Nepalgunj, Jhangkar Bahadur Rawal said that he has been working for the rights of the citizens without any discrimination. He said that human rights activists had taken the initiative to purchase medicines for those who are unwell even when they themselves were infected.

Dheer Jung Shah, Chief of the District Health Office, informed that out of 320,000 people eligible for the vaccination in the district only 110,000 have been vaccinated so far because of the negative rumours in the community regarding the vaccines.

DSP Madhusudhan Neupane of the District Police Office, Banke said that civil society has played an important role in the prevention and control of COVID-19.


Dr. Binod Karna of Nepalgunj Medical College said due to the lack of serious preparations for the prevention and control of the COVID-19 in the initial phase, many people lost their lives.

Dr. Nitesh Kanodiya, Assistant Manager of Nepalgunj Teaching Hospital, said that human rights defenders should be serious about their responsibility towards the citizens and the society. Dr. Prakash Thapa of Bheri Hospital said that COVID Hospital was brought into operation with the help of the provincial government and the initiative of the hospital.

He further added that the citizens were afraid to come to the hospital because of misinformation and the communication gap during the initial phase of COVID-19. He said that he had succeeded in removing the false propaganda with the help of civil society. Journalist Jeevan Pandey said that the journalist was accused of spreading COVID-19 in the early stages of the pandemic.

Basanta Gautam, a human rights activist, said that everyone should coordinate and move forward in the prevention and control of COVID-19. He further added that the human rights defenders have an important role to play in rescuing the citizens who are at high risk and it was necessary to increase the morale by respecting the front line defenders.

Smriti Devkota