Engineer of Rural Municipality Beaten Inside Office, Accused Arrested

  July 21, 2022 By: INSEC

The victim has alleged that Deepak Shah, 28, an engineer working in the Banfikot rural municipality office, was beaten up in the office by Raju Shah, 33, the Chairperson of Tarun Dal Banfikot, on July 20, 2022.

The police arrested Shah on the same day for his involvement in the incident.

Engineer Deepak has informed that the accused Raju had beaten him up for not doing his best work on the Morawang-Domai road.

The victim said that while engineer Deepak was working in his office, Shah came to the office and beat him up asking showing his dissatisfaction with Shah’s work stating it was not as per his instructions.

After the incident, the rural municipality published a statement on July 20, demanding the safety of the employees and action against the perpetrator as they were beaten up while they were working for the public.

DSP Bishnu Soti of District Police Office, Rukum West has informed that the accused Raju has been arrested by the police and investigation has started. He said that the accused was kept in the Area Police Office, Banfikot.

Protesting against the incident, the employees of the rural municipality have stopped all the work in the office on July 21.

The victim has not filed a complaint yet. The victim who sustained minor injuries was treated at Banfikot health post.

Manisha KC