Emphasizing on Everyone’s Role to Control COVID-19 and Prevent Mortality

  May 21, 2021 By: INSEC

In a virtual meeting organized by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Nepalgunj, on May 20, 2021, INSEC Lumbini Provincial Office and Federation of Nepali Journalists, Banke Branch participants stressed on the need for all to play their part in controlling Covid-19  and preventing mortality.

Damodar Bhandari, Chairperson of the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) Banke, expressed concern over the rising death rate despite the role played by health workers, human rights activists, journalists, and the administration. He said that the death of many patients between 3 am and 6 am has raised suspicions among the general public towards the hospital. Bhandari said that it was necessary to address the concerns and shortcomings and urged for discussion.

Murari Kharel, Joint Secretary of the NHRC, Central Office, said that attention should be paid to the hygiene and management of isolations centres. He suggested that the necessary work including management of health care should be started to reduce the risk in the coming days.

Expressing respect to the health workers deployed in the campaign, Joint Secretary of NHRC Bagmati Province Office said, Yagya Prasad Adhikari said that everyone should work together in this campaign.

Bijay Raj Gautam, INSEC’s Executive Director said that discussions were underway for the role of civil society and how to improve the situation, adding that civil society should help in this situation without making negative comments on the work done by the government. He said that INSEC is always ready to coordinate, cooperate, and assist in the campaigns in all the districts of Nepal.

Chairperson of the central office of the Federation of Nepali Journalists, Bipul Pokhrel, said that everyone should move forward by remembering their duties and responsibilities during the crisis. He said that equal access to health care should be provided to all the citizens and the state bodies should take the extra initiative against the pandemic.

Santa Bahadur Sunar, Chief District Officer of Bardiya, said that initiatives are being taken to reduce the problem caused due to the second wave of the pandemic. Chiranjeevi Rana, Assistant Chief District Officer of Dang, said that there was lack of oxygen and lack of health workers. Similarly, Dirgharaj Upadhyaya, Assistant Chief District Officer of Banke, said that a prohibition order has been issued for the control of covid-19.


Naresh Shrestha, covid-focal person of Banke, said that the infected people should be rushed to the hospital in time and an ambulance with health workers should be brought into operation.

Medical Superintendent Dr. Prakash Thapa of Bheri Hospital said that the patients died due to delay in bringing the infected to the hospital. He emphasized that vaccination is the only solution to covid, and that the mortality rate for vaccinated people was low.

Kumar BP, a law student at Mahendra Bahumukhi Campus, Nepalgunj, said that the health workers under the Nepalgunj Municipality have not received the Covid Risk Allowance since July 2020, and due to the negligence of the municipality, the Covid insurance of the health workers expires in eight months.

Director of Nepalgunj Teaching Hospital, Dr. Suresh Kumar Kanodiya, said that there is a lack of C-pipe in Nepal for the treatment of the infected. He said that oxygen should be produced by setting up an oxygen plant in Nepal to ease the shortage of oxygen and reduce the possible risks in the future.

Deputy Director of the hospital, Dr. Nitesh Kanodiya, said that the hospital has not spared any effort in the treatment of the infected. He said that Covid’s patients were being treated as per the protocol.

Advocate Basanta Gautam, chairperson of the Consumer Protection Committee, said that the covid infected people living in home isolation were walking outside, isolation centres did not meet the criteria, patients did not get free treatment and patients were not treated equally. He said that the general public was in trouble due to the price hike by the producers and businessmen.

Similarly, human rights activist Prabhat Thakuri, INSEC District Representative Rima BC, Binod KC and others were present in the virtual program.

Chief of the National Human Rights Commission, Nepalgunj, Jhangkar Bahadur Rawal, said that a solution should be found in collaboration and coordination with all at the federal, provincial and local level.

INSEC, Lumbini Province Office, Nepalgunj