Emphasis on the cooperation between stakeholders for the protection of Human Rights 

  June 23, 2022 By: INSEC

Emphasis has been put on the coordination between the stakeholders for the protection of human rights in the interaction program organized by INSEC.  

The matter had been emphasized on the interaction program on concerns of human rights protection organized by INSEC with the involvement of National Human Rights institutions on June 22. 

Top Bahadur Magar, Chairperson of National Human Rights commission said that the commission will collaboratively move forward with the Civil Society Organizations in order to safeguard the human rights.  

He states, ‘Commission is ever ready to coordinate and collaborate for assurance of human rights.’ 

Devraj Bishwokarma, Chairperson on National Dalit Commission stated that collaborative effort always brings positive result.  

Bishnu Ojha, Member of National Inclusion Commission emphasized on the importance of collaboration between National human rights institutions for assurance of access to justice to all while noting that the justice shall not be delivered based on one’s reach.  

Jibichha Yadav, Member of National Dalit Commission said that all the commissions and Human rights institutions shall work collaboratively.  

Chairperson of INSEC, Dr. Indira Shrestha said that the government shall be pressurized for the implementation of recommendations made by National human rights commission and other commissions.  

She states, ‘National human rights commission shall take the lead to collaborate and coordinate for protection of the concerns of human rights.’ 



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