Election Office Established in Koshi Province for National Assembly Member Election

  January 2, 2024 By: INSEC

The Office for the Election Officer was established in Koshi Province, Biratnagar, on January 1 for the National Assembly member election. This election is scheduled to be held on January 25. Durga Prasad Dhungel, the Election Officer and Chief Judge of District Court Morang, emphasized the necessity of collaborative efforts among all political parties to ensure the peaceful completion of the upcoming election. He announced plans for significant discussions with representatives from the 12 registered political parties involved in the electoral process.

The election in Koshi will see a total of 367 participants, including 274 Members of Parliament from the local level and 93 Members of Parliament from the Province, casting their votes for the National Assembly. In the election, the Province Assembly members hold 53 votes, while the Chief and Deputy Chief of the local level have 19 votes. Among the 93 Members of Parliament in the Province Assembly, there are 40 from UML, 29 from Congress, 13 from the Maoist Center, 6 from RPP, 4 from the Unified Socialist, and 1 from the People’s Socialist Party. UML has 2,120 votes, Congress has 1,537 votes, Maoists have 689 votes, RPP has 318 votes, the Unified Socialist Party has 212 votes, and the People’s Socialist Party has 53 votes.

Out of the 274 local level Mayor and deputy Mayor in the Province, there are 110 from UML, 115 from Congress, 31 from the Maoist Center, four from RPP, seven from the Unified Socialist Party, four from the People’s Socialist Party, and three from RSP. The total votes at the local level will be distributed as follows: UML 2,090 votes, Congress 2,100, Maoists 589, RPP 76, Unified Socialists 133, People’s Socialist Party 76, and RSP 57. In terms of overall vote share in the Province, UML leads with 4,210 votes, followed by Congress with 3,722, and the Maoist Center with 1,278. The Unified Socialists have 345 votes, RPP has 394, People’s Socialist Party has 129, and RSP has 57.


Binod Subedi