Election of The House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly 2022- Vote Count of Constituency Number 4 Still Uncertain

  November 28, 2022 By: INSEC

The counting of votes in Sunsari Constituency No. 4, which was halted due to the suspicion of fraud during the counting for members of the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly members, has become uncertain. It is still unsure on when the counting will begin.

Due to the suspicion of cheating during the counting of votes, Nepali Congress postponed the counting of votes and called an all-party meeting, but the counting of votes has become uncertain. The counting was ongoing in Bhagwati Secondary School located in Inaruwa Municipality-1.

After 606 votes were added to the CPN-UML vote results in the list of election results released by the Election Commission on November 25, the counting of votes was stopped after the Nepali Congress demanded the suspension of the counting on the allegation of cheating by the staff appointed by the Election Commission.

After the counting of votes of Barahkshetra Municipality-8 was completed, the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer Inaruwa announced the results of 20,211 votes by adding 606 votes in Barahkshetra Municipality-8.

The Chief Electoral Officer Arjun Adhikari admitted that there was an error and appealed to help from their respective places until the time of counting of votes.

Even though various party leaders participated in the all-party meeting, including Minister of Communication and Information Technology and Law Gyanendra Bahadur Karki, who is also a candidate for the position of member of the House of Representatives from Sunsari Constituency No. 4, Jagdish Prasad Kusiyait, who is a candidate from the CPN UML, the counting of votes has been uncertain now.

After holding an all-party meeting with the Election Commission on November 26 and 27, but the problem was not resolved, House of Representatives candidate Gyanendra Karki submitted an application to the office of the Chief Election Officer demanding re-voting on November 27.

The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer has said that the application has been sent to the Election Commission as the Chief Electoral Officer’s office has the authority to make a decision after the candidate’s application and the counting of votes or re-voting will be finalized only after the decision of the Commission.

Jayakrishna Yadav