Elderly man intimidated on an allegation of being witch

  October 18, 2018 By: INSEC

Kukura Tharu,64 of Thakur Baba Municipality-5 was severely beaten in the night of October 17 by 40 years old Naipal Tharu, 37 years old Gopal Tharu along with the group of 6-7 people of the same place alleging her of being witch.

The victim was summoned by one of the accused Naipal Tharu , who is also a witch doctor, at his home and was beaten alleging him of being witch according to the victim’s son Shre Ram Tharu.

The victim sustained a head injury in a beating along with a several bruises over his body. He is being taken to the hospital according to the son.

Police has been verbally informed about the incident however a written complaint will be lodged according to the victim’s son.

Inspector Pradeep DC of Area Police Office of Bhurigaun said that the information of an incident has been received by the police and a team has been deployed to the incident site to gather the fact. He added that the guilt will be charged under the law.


Man Bahadur Chaudhary