Education Office and Schools Vandalized, soot smeared on principal

  May 1, 2017 By: INSEC

The students have vandalized the District Education Office and private schools on charge of opening the schools that was padlocked by the students union.  Crescent City Schools, Alliance school and Caspian Academy were vandalized by the students according to District Education Officer Man Singh Bista.

The student’s union had padlocked the schools and district education office protesting against the fee hike by the private schools against the rule on April 30. They had announced for the general strike.

The District Education Officer Bista said that the schools are allowed to increase their fees only after three years and monitoring is being conducted on the issue.

Meanwhile, the students union has smeared a black-soot on a face of former chairperson R.C Yadav of PABSON on charge of opening the padlocked door of account section of the school.

The agitation was peaceful however black soot has been smeared against opening the padlocked school according to Mohan Baidhya led Maoist (Revolutionary). However, the victim said that he was smeared with a black soot on personal dispute.


Rabina Chaudhary