Education Affected Due to Shortage of Course Books

  August 5, 2022 By: INSEC

The student’s education has been affected as a result of shortage of study materials and books even after two months of the academic session.

Chief of the District Education Development and Coordination Unit, Dipak Raj Kalauni said that not having complete resources and textbooks in the school has affected the education of the entire district.

He said that only a few books of grades 6, 7 and 9, have been received and there aren’t any books from grade 8.

The Chief of the education branch of Bhimdatta Municipality said that there have been discussions regarding supplying of books as only a partial amount of them has been received.

The principal of Shanti Basic School situated in Haldukhal, Bhimdatta Municipality-14, Uttam Bista said that the student’s interest in studying has declined since they have to attend school without any study materials.

He said that notes are being given to the students even though textbooks haven’t been received and classes are continued by those notes. The course, however, hasn’t been started in any of the grades. The first term examination is around but due to the unavailability of study material, the exam hasn’t been taken. The students are being taught general knowledge and theoretical moral values.

A teacher of Shree Baijanath Basic School located in Baikatti, Bhimdatta Municipality- 14, Bharati Singh said that old books are being used because required books are not available.

The head of the school’s parent-teacher committee and a local parent, Ganesh Ode said that parents with stable financial conditions have bought mobile phones for the students to study from online resources but this has been a problem for parents with poor financial conditions.

Due to the negligence of the government in printing the books, complaints from parents and teachers have been made about the student’s and teachers’ difficulties.

A ninth grader, Manoj Bhatta complained that due to the unavailability of textbooks, they face problems studying at home and finishing their homework and he’s concerned about giving the exams.

The head of the Book and stationery business federation in Kanchanpur said that there is an acute shortage of books because the Janak Educational Material centre did not provide enough books.

Bhatta said that about 50 percent of the books on Nepali, health, science and education are yet to come.

The information officer of the District Education Coordination Unit, Rajendra Prasad said that there are 259 community schools and 242 institutional schools in the district and the number of students enrolled in this academic session is 30,268 and most of the students haven’t gotten textbooks.

Subsection 1 of Article 31 of the Constitution of the Nepal government specifies that every citizen has a right to access basic level education. However, the students don’t have access to study materials even two months past the academic session.

Lily Kunwar