Education Affected Due to Lack of Course Books

  September 12, 2022 By: INSEC

Even after four months since the start of the new academic session, the students of the District’s public schools have not received textbooks.

Parents have said that their children do not even want to go to school because of a lack of textbooks.

The school has been operating regularly since last May 8, but the students are confused about the content of their course because of the lack of textbooks.

There is a lack of textbooks not only in schools in remote parts of the district but also in Satyawadi Secondary School, Balmandir Basic School and other schools in headquarters of the district.

Milan Singh, a student of Satyabadi Secondary School, complained that he was having problems in his studies because he did not get the book.

Labhkumar Dhami, studying in Class 8 at Dhalaun Secondary School, complained that now that there are no new books, he has to read old books with his friends.

Laxman Upadhyay, a teacher at Satyabadi Secondary School, shared that the students were having problems in reading because they could not get textbooks.

Devendra Joshi, the Education Coordinator of Jaya Prithvi Municipality, said that some school principals have informed that the budget has been sent to the school’s account in the month of March for the purchase of books, but due to the lack of books in the market, they have not been able to purchase them.

He said that some schools have brought books from Dhangadhi, Mahendranagar and distributed them to the students, but as information has been received that there is a lack of textbooks in some schools, discussions will be held to solve the problem.

According to Education Development and Coordination Unit, Bajhang, nearly 80 thousand students are studying in 370 basic and 83 secondary schools of the district.

Satyaraj Singh