Education Administration Office, Padlocked for Nine Days

  October 12, 2023 By: INSEC

The education branch of Pyuthan municipality has been locked by the Nepal Students’ Association Pyuthan for nine days, causing disruptions to its daily operations. This lockout resulted from a dispute concerning the reassignment of teachers who were working in the education, youth, and sports department of the municipality.

On September 24, the municipality submitted a memorandum requesting the return of these teachers to their respective schools. However, due to their alleged neglect in addressing this issue, the municipality was locked on October 4 by the Nepal Students’ Association Pyuthan.

The central government had issued a circular, effective from June 14, stipulating that teachers hired from local-level schools cannot continue working at the local level. If they are employed, they must be returned to their original schools.

Kalyan Bikram KC, the district president of Pyuthan, stated that the lockout will persist until the teachers are sent back to their respective schools. The Nepal Students’ Association Pyuthan has accused the Pyuthan municipality of repeatedly neglecting their request for the teachers’ reassignment.

As a result of this strike and lockout, the daily work conducted by the education branch has experienced delays, particularly in the processing of teacher salaries and other educational matters.

Rabindra Pandey