Earthquake Victims Take Shelter Under Tarpaulin During Cold Nights

  November 6, 2023 By: INSEC

After the recent earthquake in Rukum West resulted in property damage, affected families and earthquake victims find themselves compelled to spend their days and nights in the open air, due to the unsafe conditions of their homes.

In addition to the earthquake victims and affected families, Kiriyaputri has also been compelled to endure cold nights under tarpaulin shelters.

The majority of families who lost their loved ones among the 52 casualties in the earthquake are currently residing under tarpaulin shelters.

Due to the extensive destruction and structural damage to homes, as well as the prevailing fear of potential aftershocks, the affected individuals, including those conducting post-death rituals, have sought refuge in open squares, taking shelter under tarpaulin.

The victims have spent the night in the open, relying on tarpaulin and blankets provided by the local government, various organizations, and political parties for shelter and warmth. The residents of Chaurajhari Municipality and Triveni Rural Municipality within the district have endured nights under tarpaulin shelters.

Hari Pun, a resident of Athabiskot Municipality-11, shared that his family was currently taking shelter under tarpaulin, as his aunt lost her life in the earthquake.

He explained that they had no choice but to endure the cold nights lying on straw. He stressed that this situation wasn’t limited to the families of the deceased but also extended to many other victims and affected families who were seeking shelter under tarpaulin.

Chief District Officer Hari Prasad Pant has conveyed that relief distribution arrangements have been centralized through a systematic manner. He explained that due to the arrival of relief materials from various sectors and agencies, some victims had already received assistance on November 5, with the remaining aid set to be distributed on November 6.

Hira Pariyar