Earthquake Victims Started To Get Relief with an Effect of Public Hearing Program

  September 1, 2016 By: INSEC

The earthquake victims of Chutara Municipality-2 have started to receive first installment of relief to make shelter after an effect of public hearing program operated by INSEC.

INSEC had operated public hearing program in presence of concerned bodies on August 29 at Chautara Municipality-2. Victims from ward no 2 were deprived of installment amount.

During the public hearing program operated by INSEC, District coordinator of Reconstruction Authority Bhuwaneshwor Lamichhane had committed to provide the first installment after the victims complained about not getting the relief. He even called Megha Bank from the site where program was operated.

Local Goma Khatrki expressed her gratitude while speaking with INSEC representative and appreciated the opportunity given to express her problem through public hearing program.

Nati Babu Dhital