Earthquake Survivors Awaiting Relief Assistance

  November 8, 2023 By: INSEC

The earthquake victims in Triveni Rural Municipality, Rukum West, who were affected by the recent earthquake originating from Jajarkot, are in desperate need of relief. These victims have expressed their frustration over not receiving even basic supplies like tarpaulin for temporary shelter.

Preliminary data collected by Triveni Rural Municipality indicates that 1,935 houses have been completely destroyed, with an additional 1,258 houses suffering partial damage due to the earthquake.

Prem Bahadur Gharti, the Chief Administrative Officer, mentioned that the affected people in the rural municipality have not received any relief assistance from any agency so far. He emphasized that the municipality is struggling to handle the situation on its own and that assistance is urgently needed.

Many families have been displaced, and hundreds of them are enduring cold nights in the open without access to essential supplies such as tarps and tents. This situation is leading to increased health problems, especially for children and senior citizens.

The relief provided thus far has been limited, with UNESCO supplying 20 tarps and armed police offering 268 tarps to the rural municipality. Triveni Rural Municipality has called upon various agencies to provide further support to help the earthquake victims in the region.

Relief Distribution in Chaurjahari Municipality

Relief efforts have been carried out in Chaurjahari Municipality, Rukum West, which experienced physical damage due to a recent earthquake. Relief distributions occurred from Ward No. 1 to Ward No. 14, benefiting over 1,900 families across the municipality.

Sher Prasad Dhakal, Acting Chief Administrative Officer of Chaurjahari Municipality, reported that the relief provided included 1,940 tarpaulins, 1,385 blankets, 14 roll mats, and essential food items. These food items included rice, salt, oil, and pulses. Some of the distributed relief materials were acquired by Chaurjahari municipality, with support from the Karnali Provincial Government, Red Cross, Asad Enterprises, Human Development and Community Services Nepal, and the Armed Police Force.

Relief distribution efforts involved the participation of Chief Pushpa Badi of Chaurjahari Municipality, Deputy Chief Ishwari Sharma BM, elected representatives, municipal employees, representatives from various supporting agencies, and others.

Provision of Financial Support for Funeral Expenses to Families of Earthquake Victims

The local government has provided financial assistance to the families of the earthquake victims in Athaviskot Municipality and Saniveri Rural Municipality. Athaviskot Municipality had 42 earthquake-related deaths, and Saniveri Rural Municipality had 10 such fatalities. Additionally, four people from outside the district passed away in Athaviskot.

Chief Administrative Officer Maniraj Shah confirmed that each family of the deceased received 25,000 rupees to cover funeral expenses, along with other relief assistance. This aid was distributed in the presence of Mayor Rabi KC and Deputy Mayor Dhankumari Shahi.

Manavir Oli, the child rights officer of Saniveri Rural Municipality, reported that they have reached out to the families of 12 earthquake victims, provided the financial assistance of 25,000 rupees, and distributed relief materials. Similar relief distribution will be extended to other affected families as well.

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