Domestic Violence Victim Appeals INSEC To Take Initiative For Justice Sindhupalchowk

  December 7, 2023 By: INSEC

40-year-old Sita Shrestha of Chautara Sagachokgadhi Municipality-12, who has been subjected to repeated violence by her husband, has requested INSEC to initiate justice on December 6, 2023. Sita Shrestha sought help from the district representative of INSEC, asking for justice. She reported that her husband, Ramkumar Shrestha, had mistreated her and forced her out of their home, accusing her of infidelity.

After enduring repeated abuse from her husband, Sita sought help from the ward office and the district police office. However, both places offered a settlement agreement instead of addressing her concerns. In this agreement, her husband promised to cover expenses for their three children’s education, food, housing, and festivals. Sadly, these promises haven’t been fulfilled yet.

Her husband had mistreated her in the past, alleging that she hadn’t brought enough dowry when they got married. This mistreatment made her ill at a young age. Sita has two sons and a daughter. She’s worried about the costs of her children’s education and their overall expenses. Additionally, seeking justice has added financial strain due to the need to travel to various offices.

Sita formally requested District Police Chief Balnarsingh Rana to assist in bringing her case to the district police office for the pursuit of justice.

Natibabu Dhital