Domestic Violence Accused Arrested

  March 31, 2021 By: INSEC

Anita Agri, 26, of Jaldain in Athabiskot Municipality-9 has lodged a complaint against her husband Uday Agri, 29, at the District Police Office on March 30 with the charges of Domestic Violence.

The victim lamented that her husband had always beaten her and the last time she was beaten with an iron rod and a bottle of beer on March 18, 2021.

Anita, who was taken care of by her neighbor for eight days after being injured in the beating, and who came to Khalanga district headquarters with the help of her relatives for legal treatment after nine days, is still unable to walk.

Anita has complained that she was in a lot of pain when her husband, who works at Swabhiman Microfinance Institution, Khajura Banke, came home on March 18 and beat her without any reason.

A complaint was lodged with the police on the initiative of the INSEC representative after he applied to INSEC for medical treatment and legal assistance.

Inspector Kapil Shahi of the District Police Office said that the accused would be brought for discussion after the complaint.

The victim was treated at the District Hospital, Salle, Rukum West, said Dr. Raj Kumar Bhujel.

Manisha KC