Doctors Protesting in District Hospital Created Inconvenience to Patients

  May 13, 2024 By: INSEC

The protest by doctors at Baitadi District Hospital has resulted in a pause of all services except for emergency service. As a result, residents in the area are facing significant challenges in accessing medical assistance.

The doctors of the Baitadi District Hospital are protesting over not getting paid for the overtime services they provided since August 2023.

Ammar Bahadur Chand, a local, said that those coming from rural areas have to return home without treatment as the hospital is only providing emergency services currently. Additionally, patients from families with poor economic conditions had to face more problems.

Dr. Harish Bista of District Hospital, Baitadi, explained that they had to resort to striking because the Ministry of Social Development of Sudurpashim didn’t show any interest in addressing their remuneration issue despite writing to them several times. Likewise, the doctors allege that not getting paid even after working round the clock to serve the patients is exploitation of  their labor.

Dr. Dhiraj Jaiswal of District Hospital, Baitadi said that not just the doctors but other employees at the hospital also have not received payment for their extra services. He added that they have been demanding payment for a long time. However, the ministry has not addressed this demand. The disruption of hospital services due to the protest has led the patients to face difficulties. The team of the doctors and other hospital staff have also drawn the attention of the District Administration Office regarding this matter.

Parbati Bhatta, Chairperson of the District Hospital Management Committee, highlighted that she is presently in Dhangadhi to discuss the issue with the Ministry and further emphasized the need to solve this matter quickly as the doctors and staff are not operating the OPD service until their demands are met. Furthermore, efforts are being made to address the demands of health workers to ensure patients don’t face any difficulties.

Bhimkanta Sharma, the Chief District Officer stated that the doctors have been urged not to cause any inconvenience to the patients. He also mentioned that initiatives are being taken to address the legitimate demands of the doctors.

Nari Badu