District Prison faces issues of Overcrowded Inmates and detainees

  June 30, 2019 By: INSEC

The District prison of Jaleshwor is facing a difficulties on managing inmates and detainees as there are huge number of them then the capacity. The prison had three times more inmates and detainees than of its capacity according to jailer Chiranjibi Thapa.

The prison building is about 160 years old and is in dilapidated condition. It has a capacity to accommodate only 135 prisoners however there are 453 of them.

“The increasing number of inmates and detainees is creating challenges in the security of them”, says jailer Thapa.

He added that one inmate even do not have 14-15 inches of space in the prison. The lack of reformation and renovation of the prison and increasing number of inmates and detainees is one of the major reasons creating challenges for management. They are facing issues such as going to toilet, sleeping, eating and the situation is horrible according to the jail management. The inmates and detainees are not even getting basic requirement and their human rights is violated as they are deprived of many of their rights.

  One of the human rights defenders Ranjan Bhandari said that the country is enjoying democracy and republic however, there is a humanitarian crisis in the prison which is very sad. The inmates and detainees from Dhanusha are also transferred to this prison. In this prison there are 90 percent inmates and detainees from Dhanusha District. The management is facing crisis after they have to manage inmates and detainees from two districts. The rights activists said that the prison is looking like a torture house as majority of them are living a very pathetic life. After its construction in B.S 1913, no renovation is made in a prison according to the source.


Ajaya Kumar Shah