District Jail Accommodating Prisoner Three Times the Capacity

  January 9, 2023 By: INSEC

District Jail Branch, Dolkha, has three times more prisoners than the jail capacity leading to various health concerns for the prisoners.

According to Padram Bahadur KC, the acting jailer of Charikot jail, though the capacity of the Charikot jail at the district headquarter is accommodating 51 prisoners, it currently holds 144 inmates. It includes 98 inmates and 46 detainees.

Skin and stomach diseases have increased due lack of access to basic hygiene. Prisoners wait for their turn to wash their clothes and shower due to a shortage of resources.

Ashok KC, a prisoner, said that the overcrowded cells have led to various health problems among the prisoners. They face difficulties in accessing the toilet, bathing, and sleeping.

Chandra Bahadur Khadka, Jail Health Worker, said there is an increase in two to four patients each day. The jail health workers have recommended around ten prisoners to other districts for treatment.

Khadka said that due to the overcrowding of prisons, health problems such as skin, respiratory and allergic diseases have increased.

District Jail Branch Dolkha has only male prisoners. Women prisoners of the district are at a District Prison in Ramechhap.

Jailer KC informed that there is a regular health check-up in the jail. There are proper arrangements for family prison visits as well.

Uddhav Pokharel