District Hospital Vandalized After the Death of a Child

  May 14, 2021 By: INSEC

The family of three-year-old Ngimanuru Sherpa of Soludhudhkund Municipality-4 Surke, vandalized the district hospital after he died while undergoing treatment on May 13, 2021.

According to the family of the deceased, although the child was brought to the hospital at 7 am on May 13, the doctors attended victim only after 11 am.

Inspector at the District Police Office, Rishi Raj Dhakal, said that the boy’s uncle was arrested for vandalizing the emergency room of the hospital.

Gelu Sherpa, the father of the child, said initially the child was brought to the hospital after his health started deteriorating on May 11, 2021 but was sent home by the doctor.

Sani Sherpa, Acting Chief of the district hospital in Phaplu, said that the treatment was not effective when the child was fed fruits and frooty instead of drinking plenty of water.

The hospital administration has stated that it has not received a factual detail about the damage caused to the emergency room.

The victim’s body has been kept at the hospital as his family denied receiving it.

Bhojraj Karki