District Hospital of Parbat Facing Medicine Scarcity

  November 11, 2016 By: INSEC

The district hospital of Parbat is facing scarcity in essential medicine. The patients coming for the treatment in the hospital are compelled to buy free medicines like Citamol, Iron capsule, pain killer, Cipro and Metro from other medical shops.

When asked about the reason for the scarcity of medicine, medical superintendent Phanindra Baral said that it is due to the lack of enough supply from the center. He added that the center and region was not able to supply enough amount of medicine as per demand.

However, chairperson Shiv Prasad Paudel of Hospital Development Committee of the district claimed that there is no scarcity of medicine as publicity. He claimed that some problem is due to the lack of coordination while supplying medicine.


Kishore Sapkota