Distribution of Social Security Allowance to Raute Community

  May 30, 2022 By: INSEC

Gurans Rural Municipality-8 has distributed the social security allowance of three months to the members of the Raute community living in Chhedagad Municipality-5 Bankathalah of Jajarkot.

The social security allowance was distributed by the team of ward chairperson of Gurans rural municipality-8 Dipendra Oli on May 28.

The federal government has been distributing social security allowances through the ward office of Gurans Rural Municipality 8 after the rural municipality gave them identity cards as the locals of the area. The identity cards were distributed five years ago. The Rautes have a nomadic life and they do not have a fixed habitat.

According to Susmita Khadka, Deputy Secretary of Gurans Rural Municipality -8, the social security allowance of three months- January, February and March was provided to the 144 Rautes (40 families) who had reached Chhedagad Municipality- 5 Banka. The Rautes keep migrating in every two to three months. They were provided NPR 4,000 per month.

As the Raute community living in Dailekh, Surkhet, Salyan and Jajarkot areas of Karnali migrates in   every two to three months, most of them live in Dailekh. The rural municipality had started distributing the social security allowance since July 2017.

As the federal government sends social security allowances to the ward office of Gurans Rural Municipality 8 has started distributing security allowances to the Raute community settlements. Hira Singh Thapa, chairperson of the Social Service Centre (SOSEC) Nepal, said that the government has given the responsibility to the ward office of the rural municipality to distribute security allowances wherever the Rautes reach.

Social Service Centre (SOSEC) Nepal has launched the Raute Upliftment Project to make the Raute community practice hygiene and social integration. Two health workers and two social workers have also been working to help improve the behaviour of the Rautes.

According to the data collected by Gurans rural municipality for the first time about the Raute community, the population of the Rautes were 160 in 2058 BS and 166 in the census of 2068 BS.

According to the census, the population of the Raute community is declining. Rising mortality is one of the main reasons for the declining population of the Raute community who do not want to take birth control or family planning education. According to the researchers, the death rate has increased due to poor health while eating, eating and living while hunting.

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