Distribution of Land Ownership Certificate to freed Haliya Families

  September 8, 2020 By: INSEC

On the occasion of the 12th National Freed Haliya Day, the Shuklaphanta Municipality has distributed land ownership certificates to 25 freed Haliya families who have ‘A’ graded identity-card on September 6.

The land was purchased for free Haliya family in Shuklaphanta Municipality-1 Bansaha for Rs. 5 million. Mayor Dil Bahadur Ayir said that land have been distributed to 25 freed Haliya families.

He said, “We have made the homeless Mukta Haliya families the owners of the land.” We will soon build a house on the purchased land and hand it over. As land and housing alone are not enough, we will also run programs to make people self-employed by learning life skills. ‘

Deputy Mayor Tulasi Devi Hamal said that she was happy to distribute land to the freed Haliya family who has been homeless for years.

Chief Administrative Officer of Shuklaphanta Municipality Bishan Singh Thapa said that the land was provided as per the eighth amendment of the Land Act and it cannot be bought or sold.

Shivi Luhar, the chairperson of Mukta Haliya Samaj, Kanchanpur, thanked the municipality for distributing land ownership certificates to the Mukta Haliya family.

Komal Niranjan Bhat