Disruption in UML’s Program: Three Individuals Arrested in Khotang

  December 13, 2023 By: INSEC


The police arrested three members of the Joint Struggle Committee For the Renaming of Province 1 on December 12 for reportedly disrupting the “Jhulaghat Chiwabhanjyang Sambriddhi Ka Lagi Sankalpa Yatra” program. 

The Identity Supporters announced a district shutdown on December 12 with the aim of disrupting CPN-UML’s ‘Jhulaghat Chiwabhanjayang  Sambriddhi ka lagi Sankalpa Yatra” program.  

The police arrested Rajesh Rai, Gandhaman Rai, and Bijay Rai from Halesi for their alleged involvement in organizing a successful traffic stop. Nirmal Rai, the coordinator of the Identity Based Youth Operative Committee, has demanded the immediate release of the arrested Identity Supporters. Similarly, Gopal Kirati, leader of the Joint Struggle Committee and Coordinator of the National Socialist Forum, has also called for the immediate release of identity supporters.  

Joint Struggle Committee For the Renaming of Province 1 announced an indefinite traffic stop from Ghurmibazar in Udaipur to Leguwaghat in Bhojpur on December 12. 

It is reported that the protestors set tires ablaze at various locations. Additionally, roads were obstructed in Nunthala, Nangi, Kuduwa, and Chapadanda within the district. 

The police informed that a suspicious item was discovered on the morning of December 12 in Nirmalidanda Lamakhu of Diktel Rupakot Majhuwagadhi Municipality-9. Inspector Benu Karki of the District Police Office said that the suspicious item was disposed of by the Nepali Army. 

During the campaign, CPN UML Chairman and former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is scheduled to visit Harkapur in Okhaldhunga on December 12. However, the Identity supporters have declared their intention to oppose his visit. Oli is prevented from visiting Harakpur due to his expressed opposition to the identity movement. They conveyed this information during a meeting with journalists in Diktel on December 7. 


Taranath Phuyal