Disruption In Health Service Delivery Due To Interrupted Construction work At Haku Health Post

  December 21, 2023 By: INSEC

The halted construction of the health institution building in Amachhodingmo Rural Municipality-1, Thulohaku, has resulted in a disruption in the delivery of health services.

The construction of the health institution building, damaged by the 2015 earthquake, is facing delays as the contracted company did not complete the work within the stipulated time frame. When the company entrusted with the construction stopped the work, the health institution that provides health services to the citizens had difficulties in providing services.

Despite being assigned the work three years ago, Buddha Construction neglected their responsibilities, completing only a small portion of the project, and is currently unreachable, according to Sang Lama Tamang, the ward chairperson of Amachhodingmo Rural Municipality-1.

Nimanurpu Tamang, the head of Amachhodingmo Rural Municipality health branch, mentioned that the slope was constructed a year ago, but the construction company was out of reach without completing the project. All other services, including patient examinations, are currently being conducted in the old building.

The laboratory materials procured for the Haku health post have to be stored in the Rural Municipality due to the ongoing construction issues. Additionally, the shortage of buildings in the health post, which also includes a birthing center, is causing difficulties in providing birthing services.

Ward Chairperson Tamang stated that the construction of the building, initiated four years ago, remains unfinished and the health post currently operates with only one assistant and four health workers.

Similarly, Nimanurpu Tamang, head of the Health Branch of Amachhodingmo Rural Municipality, mentioned that there was a tender for the construction of a local hospital in Goljung.

Hemnath Khatiwada