Dispute between the Youths of Simkot: 10 Security Personnel Injured

  October 29, 2022 By: INSEC

Five locals and five policemen were injured in a clash between the youths of Thehe located in Simkot rural municipality-3 and the youth of Khadhak village located in the same Simkot rural municipality -5.

The dispute was caused during the inter-ward football tournament of Simkot Rural Municipality that started on October 25. There was a dispute between the youths of two wards.

DSP Krishnaraj Ojha said that a 12-year-old, a 14-year-old, two 17-year-olds were injured in the clash.

According to DSP Ojha, three policemen were injured when they were hit by stones thrown by locals. DSP Ojha informed that one injured policeman was immediately sent out of the district and the others were treated at the district hospital Humla.

Similarly, Sushila Rokaya,  the vice chairperson of Simkot rural municipality, has alleged that despite the clash between the youths, her three sons were injured when the armed police force baton-charged her and her son had to be treated at the district hospital.

DSP Ojha said that an investigation is being conducted on the cause of the dispute.

According to DSP Ojha, the person behind the incident is being searched and investigated.

Nanda Singh