Discussion session held on the issue of Human Rights and social justice

  November 22, 2018 By: INSEC

Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) has organized a discussion meeting with the concerned stakeholders of the district on the situation of Human Rights, social justice, peace and security.

During the meeting human rights activists revealed that coordinators of judicial committee are un secured in local level. The constitution has given responsibilities to vice-mayor and vice-chairman to solve the issues of social incidents through judicial committee by forming the judicial committee in the local levels.

The human rights activists said that the vice-mayor and vice-chairman are given responsibility to solve the social issues for the implementation of their rights however there is no proper management on their service and security making them more vulnerable.

At present all three levels of government are present at local level however in province 2, still Dalits are being discriminated.

During the meeting a question of not registering the case on misbehavior on dalit by ward chairman on charge of touching water was raised by director Bir Bahadur Buda Magar of NHRC Janakpur.

Buda Magar said that NHRC is monitoring and investigating the incidents of human rights violation in the district and operating various activities for victims.

Speaking at the program, INSEC manager Samjha Shrestha from advocacy department said that initiation will be taken to address the issues of province 2 and attention of the government will be drawn.

Province 2 coordinator Raju Paswan said that the reason behind the incidents of human rights violation is poverty, lack of education and awareness and stressed that initiation from everyone is necessary to discourage such incidents.

Meanwhile, INSEC team met with various stakeholders and discussed about the present human rights situation, peace and security of the district.


Binod Kumar Rabidas