Discussion On Human Rights Situation With Concerned Parties

  June 5, 2023 By: INSEC

Dr. Kundan Aryal, Chairperson, INSEC, and the team had a healthy discussion with human rights activists and workers, civil society, and stakeholders of Madhes province on June 3, 2023.

Dr. Aryal during the discussion said that all the concerned parties must work actively to make Madhesh a human rights-friendly province. He added that the term ‘Human Rights’, can only be meaningful if we eradicate inequality and discrimination from society and make every household and individual human rights friendly. He highlighted that to strengthen the human rights issue, different programs in collaboration with the government should be conducted.

To control the increasing cybercrime, human rights activists should draw the government’s attention, prioritize monitoring such criminal activities and assist the victims in the judicial process, said Dr. Aryal.

Gita Baral, INSEC’s Treasurer the unaccountability of government, which leads the civil society to constantly remind the government of their responsibilities, should end.

Kishori Shah, Senior Advocate said that the human rights of every citizen will not be ensured until the administrative bodies and courts are fair, clear, and free from political influence. He showed the need for a separate court for cybercrime cases at the Province level.

Sitaram Agrahari, Press Adviser, Madhes Province Government, emphasized that the old mentality existing in the community and society should be ended. Civil society should carry out grass root level human rights campaigns. The social ideas and perceptions of all religiously, socially, and politically connected people should be human rights friendly.

Rekha Jha, Chairperson, of the Women’s Human Rights Defenders Network, Madhes Province, said that the difference in the age of obtaining citizenship and legal permission for marriage causes human rights violations. As a result, false cases are registered which leads to the violation of the right to live freely, education, health, and employment. As long as the influence of political parties and politicians remains in the bureaucracy, we cannot be sure that human rights will be ensured.

Ram Chandra Shah, the representative of Non-Government Organization Nepal, said that the male-dominated and patriarchy portrayed in different movies, music as well as newspapers have directly impacted the thoughts of the public. So the government must increase its vigilance on these subjects.

Awadhesh Kamat, Vice-chairperson of Nepal Press Association, Dhanusha, expressed that to protect and promote the rights, the District Coordination Committee should be expanded,  and the regulation mechanism of every area should be strengthened in coordination with the local government.

The number of cybercrime cases has increased because the number of media workers is less than unregistered YouTube channels which do not pay proper attention to the sensitivity of the incident, said Kamat.

Srijan Aryal, Coordinator, WOREC, Dhanusha said that if all concerned parties do not increase their interest in preventing domestic violence, it may become serious in the future.

The following discussion session was completed with the participation of Krishna Gautam, Information Officer, INSEC, Raju Paswan, Office Coordinator, INSEC Madhesh Province, INSEC team workers, Civil Society, Human rights workers, and other concerned parties.


Madhesh Province Office