Discussion about the Pre-election Situation with media in Salyan

  November 14, 2022 By: INSEC

Informal Sector Service Center INSEC discussed the pre-election situation with district-based media persons on Sunday, November 13, 2022.

Former Secretary General of INSEC Dr. Kundan Aryal, INSEC Karnali Province Chief Narayan Subedi, Program Coordinator Kiran Paudel, Nepal Journalist Federation Salyan President Navin Paudel, and other media personnel of the district participated in the program.

The media personnel of the district discussed the ongoing activities related to the elections in the district, compliance with the code of conduct, activities of the commission, and political parties with security challenges.

The former Secretary General of INSEC, Kundan Aryal, spoke on the role of journalists and Human rights workers to make the elections fair and fearless. He emphasized the importance of human rights workers and journalists nudging relevant authorities in order to create an environment for citizens to exercise their rights freely.

Similarly, Narayan Subedi, Karnali Province Head of INSEC, while addressing the program, informed about the role played by INSEC in making the elections fair and said that more advice and suggestions are needed from media persons.

During the discussion, journalists highlight the need for collaboration of human rights workers and media persons for the interest of the general citizens. In a similar manner, they discussed journalist ethics and non-bias reporting during the elections. More than 20 media persons and human rights workers actively participated in the program.

Meena Budathoki