Difficulties in Management due to the Overcrowded Prison

  August 28, 2016 By: INSEC

The District prison of Ilam is facing difficulties in drinking water, health services and cleanliness due to  overcrowd of prisoners and detainees according to the administration.

There are 268 prisoners and detainees in the prison which has capacity to accommodate only 125 prisoners and detainees. There are 24 female and four dependent children in the prison.

Due to the lack of space, prisoners and detainees are facing problem in going to toilet and good hygiene according to chief Srijana Luitel of the prison. The prison has been developed as a rehabilitation centre however due to overcrowd it is hard to manage prisoners and detainees, she said.

Health assistant Pankaj Pokhrel of the prison said that it is hard to provide health services due to overcrowded prisoners. There are even difficulties on taking prisoners and detainees to hospital due to problem in transportation.

Health assistant Pokhrel said that most of the prisoners and detainees are patients of mental illness.

Kokila Dhakal