Two Missing Sons: Struggling for Livelihood

  October 11, 2023 By: INSEC

78-year-old Dalli Sarki, the mother of the missing person, Chautara Sagachowkgadhi Municipality-13, Thulosiruwari expressed that it has been difficult for her to live because of the loss of their son, who disappeared in the conflict.

Gore Bahadur Purkoti, 22, son of Dalli Sarki, a resident of Thulosiruwari Rural Municipality-2, Kotdada, currently residing in  Chautara Sagachokgadhi Municipality-13, was detained by the army on May 15, 1996 from Bagbazar, Kathmandu, on allegations of supporting the Maoists.

Dalli Sarki said that she is surviving in the hope that her son would one day return home. She requested INSEC to initiate the search for her missing son since a lot of time has passed and it is challenging for them to live their lives in the absence of information about their son.

She expressed that it has already been 24 years hoping that their son would return. However, he hasn’t returned yet. She added, “Why have we been forced to suffer injustice when my son did nothing wrong and simply went to college?. In addition,  she emphasized that even if  their son has been killed, they have the right to know the time of his passing  so that they could perform the last rituals.

Dalli Sarki expressed her frustration, noting that despite her applications to various authorities such as the Human Rights Commission, Disappearance Commission, Peace Committee, District Administration Office, and other relevant offices, no proper action has been taken to locate her missing son.

Buddhilal Sarki, Father of the missing son passed away in sorrow of his missing son five years ago. She appealed to INSEC to take some initiatives so that she could get justice.

Natibabu Dhital