Difference in Wage Rate for Same Level of Work

  December 30, 2019 By: INSEC

Female laborers of Darchula District complain of not getting equal wage as the male laborers for same level of work.

Malikarjun Rural Municipality- 6 Uku’s Lila Tiruwa complains of getting only 2 hundred and fifty rupees after working for whole day. She said-‘For every kind of labor we do, the amount of hardship is same but the wage rates vary for male labors.’

During the time of sowing crops, the male labors get 8 hundred rupees but for the same level of work but the female labors get 1 hundred and fifty rupees only, said Sarita Tamata. She added, ‘Even when the females are porters or construction workers, they are paid less. Mostly, females are not even involved in the planning works. And when needed they are kept for minimum wages. We were also paid less for working in the Prime Minister’s Employment Program. We work equally but we are victimized financially.’

Haliya Mukti Samaj Darchula’s President Dani Ram Tiruwa said females have been getting lesser wage from earlier days.

According to District Rate Allocation Committee, skilled labors are supposed to get 9 hundred and 50 rupees whereas unskilled labors are supposed to get 7 hundred and 50 rupees for working 8 hours a day. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been practiced yet.

Narendra Singh Karki