Dhadingbesi Facing Drinking Water Shortage for Two Months

  May 15, 2024 By: INSEC

There has been a shortage of drinking water for two months in Dhadingbesi, the headquarter of Dhading. Although access to clean drinking water is a basic right of citizens, there has been a shortage of drinking water for two months in the Dhadingbesi. This shortage was generated after the Municipality made the elected consumer committee to distribute water to consumers’ homes inactive

Consumers are lacking access to drinking water for more than two months in the Puchharbajar area of Dhadingbesi. However, the Municipality and Drinking Water Consumer Committee have not shown interest in solving this matter even when the consumers have to buy water for their daily use.

The consumers facing scarcity of water have been even protesting at various stages. Additionally, they have complained that the Drinking Water Committee and Nilakantha Municipality have failed to take necessary action to address the water supply issue from Amale Chowk to Bus Park, Dursanchar Chowk, Ganesh Marga Area, and other areas within the Nilakantha Municipality.

Lalkaji Shrestha, a consumer, stated that there has been no regular water supply in this area for over a year, and now the water supply has been completely paused for the past two months. The lack of water has brought significant challenges for them, making it difficult to cook food for several days. Additionally, students have to wear dirty clothes to school as they could not wash their clothes regularly. Shrestha further expressed about their complaints being repeatedly ignored by the Drinking Water Consumer Committee.

Similarly, Balkrishna Khatri, another local resident, mentioned that around 2,000 households are facing water supply issues. While there used to be some water available outside the houses in the past, now consumers are experiencing difficulties due to the complete absence of water. Some houses in the Puchharbajar area of Dhadingbesi have limited water, so they have to store it in bottles. Despite most consumers paying the water fare regularly, they still face this shortage.

Rajkumar Shrestha, Ward Chairperson of Nilkantha Municipality-3, explained that the water pipe to the headquarters was broken down by the fire and due to human activities. Due to this, even the market area of the Municipality is experiencing a water shortage because the Consumer Committee has not taken action to address the issue. Shrestha further added that the Consumer Committee was dissolved by the Municipality three years ago and the committee filed a case in the High Court demanding its continuation, and the case is currently ongoing. The Court subsequently ordered the municipality not to dissolve the Consumer Committee immediately and allow it to work until the case is decided.

Sitaram Adhikari